30 Days of Gratitude: 16

Gratitude today for a little family Birthday party. It’s not my sons actual Birthday today however we celebrated as it was one of the only days some of our family could get together. We had a simple morning tea with some healthy snacks and some of our home-made cupcakes as the Birthday cake.

Simple party decorations using our play scarves to decorate my son’s table chair (his favourite colours) and displaying the candles he made on the table. As he asked for a ‘Dinosaur party’ I added some of his toy Dinosaurs to the table beside the food plates.
The beeswax candles my son made.
Party food; carrot sticks, chickpea dip and nut butter and some almonds and dates on the platter and some mixed fruit on the tiered cake plate.
Kids tea; decaf berry tea (loose leaf). The cups are ceramic espresso cups. The adults opted for water or coffee to drink.
A present for my son from his Grandma. The illustrations are beautiful.

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