30 Days of Gratitude: 17

Gratitude for family time, Birthday fun and a thoughtful flower gift. This morning whilst my daughter was still asleep, I helped my youngest make a fresh juice using some of the left over fruit from yesterday’s morning tea party. After having our drink, I got onto making a pancake breakfast whilst my children played outside.

My youngest making up a breakfast juice.
Just because it’s fun, it’s a Birthday thing and it looks nice, we poured the juice into these re-purposed glass bottles and used our stainless steel straws. There’s only three as my husband is away for work at the moment. He will join in the Birthday fun when he arrives back tomorrow. 


Sunday morning pancakes. 

After breakfast we went for a swim. The water was a bit cold and it started to rain however it was still a lovely swim. My daughter’s swimming confidence is really coming along. After our swim we got an unexpected visitor (Grandma) who dropped off some flowers on her way to visit a friend. It was a lovely thought.

A special Birthday flower delivery for my youngest from his Grandma. 
Block play this afternoon. 

We also watched a family movie together this afternoon. Something we don’t do too often but when we do, it seems more special.


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