30 Days of Gratitude: 18

Gratitude today for my husband being home and a new member of our family (a fish). My husband has been away for work for a couple of weeks and arrived home this morning. We all really missed him and are so grateful he is home. He really is such a wonderful support system, husband and a wonderful dad.

Having missed out on being here for our son’s Birthday he wanted to do something special and knows that my children have been asking to get an addition to our family for a while now. We are not allowed to have cats and dogs where we live, but a fish is OK. We have had these two second-hand fish tanks for ages (that we got for free) and my husband suggested getting a fish. He took my eldest out with him this afternoon and they came back some time later with a Siamese Fighting fish. It’s the same type of fish they have in my children’s classroom at their Montessori School. We were given an information sheet on how to care for him and a care kit (pebbles, plants, food etc). I also took the time to research a little more this afternoon whilst my husband and children set up Duggee’s new home. Duggee is what they have chosen to call him and that is how my daughter wants to spell his name.

Duggee Fish.jpg

Not the best photo sorry. It was hard to take a clear photo. He is dark blue in colour with a hint of purple and red across his body. My daughter says when he swims he looks like he is dancing.

We have looked after other people’s ‘family members’ as I like to call them from Birds to cats and dogs, but this is our first time we have our own. This will definitely be a great lesson in caring for others for our family. My daughter and I are going to research more about Duggee together tomorrow.

If anyone has any helpful tips, please let me know. We have a larger tank but it was suggested we use this smaller one initially. If you have other advice I would appreciate hearing it thanks.

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