30 Day of Gratitude: 19

Gratitude today for the love of learning new skills. It has been an absolute honor to watch my children grow, to have that special time with them, to watch their curiosity and excitement for life flourish. Each and everyday with them really is special and I am so grateful to have them in my life. I just cannot believe how fast the time has gone, now having a three year old and my daughter is about to turn five.

It has been so intersting to watch where my children’s interests lie at each and every stage. At the moment, my youngest is so focused on wanting to learn to ride his scooter and his sister’s old pedal bike. He practices each and everyday. Sure there has been frustration, but he has this strong determination to just keep trying.

My 3 year old learning to ride a scooter
My 3 year old practising riding his sister’s old pedal bike.

At the moment my daughter’s big thing is ‘learning to write’. She has this note book/journal she has at home and is always writing little notes, messages, letters and stories in it. I just couldn’t believe one day she started writing in sentences. My daughter is keen on writing a letter to her cousin and her Nan, so I am thinking of setting up a simple letter writing station for her to use.

My daughter’s sentence writing; “The little boy is helping his father growing the flowers”.
“The brown horse is eating the hay”.

Learning to swim is the other skill my daughter really wants to learn. She hasn’t always loved the water, but in the last six months or so she has told me; ‘I will learn to swim all by myself’. I think getting invited to ‘pool party Birthday parties’ from some children at school recently, she has noticed some of the other children swimming by themselves who are her age or younger. For the moment, we now have a place to practice and time and space to do so with no pressure. Luckily she has started to find a love of water by just having time to explore and play in it.

Learning to swim without aid (inflatable armbands).

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