30 Days of Gratitude: 23

Gratitude today for the rain and some time in our garden space. It rained off and on today but that didn’t stop us from having time outside in our new garden space. I will admit that I miss our grassed space and raised garden beds in our last home, but with this new place even though it’s a smaller space and we are renting, it has great potential.

My daughter has asked me if she could use one of the pots we had stored in our garage to make a fairy garden which she ended spending a long time working on. The wooden frame around it was from our old sandpit. At the moment my children are using it as part of their outdoor play and a place to sit. We are considering cutting it in half and using it to make two garden beds for my children (flowers and herbs). Whilst my daughter was creating her fairy garden, my youngest spent lots of time transferring soil from one pot to another, then adding water and mixing it all together. Good fun!

creating-a-fairy-gardentransferring-dirt-into-potsWhilst my children were busy, my husband set up our compost bin in the only space possible. I am so happy to have it set up. I have in the mean time had our food scraps sitting in a bowl in the freezer. Having and using a compost bin really makes me keep an eye on food wastage (which I dislike) and keeps food out of our garbage bin. compost-bin

My children’s compost bucket on the left (enamel) which stays near their food prep area. I will transfer the food waste to the larger container and take it to the compost bin when needs be. The larger compost container has a plastic bucket inside, so I can keep it in the fridge to avoid food odours in the house.

Even though it had rained and our plants got a good drink, my youngest wanted to water the plants as he likes to do most days.

Strawberry plant on the left and tomato plant on the right. 



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