30 Days of Gratitude: 24

Gratitude today for another slow day. We were meant to have a visitor this morning but they didn’t end up visiting, so we had the day to ourselves which was nice. Amazingly everyone slept in this morning, which rarely happens. We did however all go to bed late and my youngest woke a few times throughout the night. So I guess we were all tired.

Whilst my children were playing together this morning, I worked on cleaning out our food storage and labelling some of my glass jars so my husband knows what is in them. I know what everything is but it’s become a bit difficult for him to know what and where things are, so I re-organised our food storage cupboard, made an inventory list and labelled the items that are not clearly obvious what they are. This didn’t take long to do as I try not to keep too much variety at the one time just keeping what we use. It’s nice to know what exactly is in the food cupboard so nothing goes to waste. This also makes shopping easier. The labels are made from some scrap cardboard which are easy take off when washing the jars.

making-labels-for-my-glass-food-jarsThe other thing I did today which only took me about ten minutes to make were some raw cacao, date and coconut balls for a snack. I didn’t make too many. What was left was stored in a jar in the fridge. making-date-cacao-and-coconut-ballsToday was the first day I have seen my daughter sharpen pencils (the whole tin) with such confidence. She really enjoyed sharpening each and ever pencil and then lining them up to display her finished work. sharpening-pencils-at-5-years

pencil-sharpening-at-5-yearsLate in the afternoon my husband and daughter made up some pizza dough and after an afternoon swim they worked together to make tonight’s pizza dinner. My youngest helped out at the end to put on some toppings. He was more interested in playing than cooking today. pizza-making

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