30 Days of Gratitude: 25

Gratitude today for new friends. After school pick up in the afternoon I met two mums that are new to my children’s school. Our children are not in the same class but are of similar ages. I have seen both of them around the school grounds but this is the first time we have actually spoken and we did so for about an hour. It can be hard to watch your children (safety wise) in the big playground areas playing but also trying to make conversations with others. Not unless one is outgoing and rather social (not me!) it can take a while to find people you click with.

We didn’t exactly have a busy day yet I felt really tired this afternoon. I ended up making an apple and celery juice which I had a craving for and I think it did the trick, feeling much better after. I may have put a tad bit too much celery but it was still really nice. My other pick me up juice is made from carrot, apple, celery and beetroot (sometimes adding fresh ginger). My husband isn’t a fan of raw beetroot in his juice so he opts for orange instead. We use to sprout our own fresh wheatgrass so I am thinking of getting back into that to add to our juice.


I put aside some juice for my husband when he gets home from work and some for tomorrow morning. 

painting-outsideMy youngest spent some time painting a few pictures this afternoon. Not sure If you can tell from the photo but sadly our art easel is starting to fall apart (my fault for accidentally leaving it out during a storm) and damaging it. I really love art easels, especially for painting outside. Both my children’s toddler class (18 months- 3 years) and Children’s House (3-6 years) have art easels like this one for painting and the children just love it. We have had ours for three years so far and I am hoping it lasts a few more years. creating-chalk-artMy daughter spent time creating lovely chalk pictures outside. Side-walk chalk looks so lovely.

I didn’t end up taking a photo of it but my children and I listened to the online audio stories Story Box Library together tonight before bed. My youngest hasn’t been as interested in the stories until now whereas my eldest just loves them and I enjoy them as well. I set up our salt lamp and we cuddled together in my room and just relaxed. It was lovely.

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