30 Days of Gratitude: 26

Gratitude today for a slow morning and an enjoyable afternoon. My husband drove my daughter to school this morning so my youngest and I spent the morning together at home. Aside from hanging a load of washing on the line and washing up some dishes, we just spent some time together looking at books and doing puzzles. My son also played by himself for a while mostly with his trains, cars and blocks. I managed to get in a bit of reading time before we headed to the school for the afternoon Montessori toddler class session. We don’t usually do the afternoons but it was a nice change.

Knowing we would be out for the second half of the day and not likely back until late afternoon, I made myself some food to take with us as it’s easy to not eat properly when out and about. My son’s afternoon tea and water bottle was already packed. So trying to always taking our own food and drink with us has really helped so we can just enjoy our time without having to rush back. We did end up staying back for an after school play with some other children and then went home for a swim,

good read and some lunch
My current read and food to go (plain chickpeas, falafel (yes more chickpeas), some tomato, avocado, mushrooms, snowpeas, carrot, apple and lettuce. 
barn play
Barn play at school. 
velcro frame
Dressing frames- velcro
dressing frame
Dressing frames- snap clip
hundred board
At home- in the afternoon my daughter easily did the hundred board which is a firm favourite. Normally she does it in sequence, but lately she is exploring the other ways to use the board.


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