30 Days of Gratitude: 27

Gratitude today for family time. Today we visited my parents again for half the day. The weather was nice enough today to sit outdoors whereas it has been too hot do so. My children spent almost the whole time at my parents place in the Garden with my dad watching and helping him do odd jobs. They did some raking, watered some plants, moved soil from one place to another using a wheelbarrow and some weeding. They also watched my dad work on a DIY patio project using some hand tools and power tools. My children wanted to know what everything my dad was using was called, why he was using them and for him to show them how they work. My youngest got to explore my dad’s measuring tape and power drill, with his supervision. Lots of fun.

outdoor play
Outdoor play at my parents place. Some of these toys were at my parents place and my children also brought some of their own over as well (barn and animals).
birds visiting
Enjoying the view, enjoying a coffee and watching my children play with my dad.   I wasn’t able to capture the photo but at one point there was around eight birds drinking and bathing in the bird bath at the same time. 
measuring tape play
Playing with my dad’s measuring tape.
using a drill
playing with my dad’s power drill. My youngest just loved this. 

Feeling inspired, when we got home this afternoon I got onto transferring some slips I took from our last house (currently being kept in a glass jar of water) to some little pots and placed them around the house. I also transferred some more basil that my mum gave me today into a pot. Gardening can be so therapeutic.

replanting slips



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