30 Days of Gratitude: 28

Gratitude today for before bed cuddles and listening to my eldest reading my son and I a night-time story. We had a nice day today. My eldest went to school and I took my youngest to his Montessori class and It was a really nice, quiet session with not too many people. After class, my son and I went home for lunch and I helped him work on this wooden stacking puzzle that his Aunty gave him last Christmas. Today he wanted to build with it whereas he usually wants to use them for part of his block play. We also played the card game UNO which he just loves.

The rest of the afternoon before school pick up I just did a couple of odd jobs (prepped dinner) and my son rode his scooter and played in the dirt mostly digging and transferring soil with a spade.

After school pick up, we stayed on for a half hour for a playground play and then went for a swim and then back home for baths/showers, dinner, block building/play and then bedtime stories. Tonight whilst my daughter read a shortish book to herself I read a couple of books to my youngest and then my daughter read to both of us. It really is lovely and (easier) that my children share a bedroom.

ocupation block building
Melissa and Doug puzzle that I helped my youngest to build with this afternoon.

stacking and block building

watermelon chopping use a real knife
My youngest chopping up an afternoon tea snack. 
fabric drawing with markers
After school fabric drawing by my daughter.
rainbow block building
After dinner block bulding by my eldest.
my 3 year old's block building
Afternoon block bulding by my 3 year old. 

my eldest reading to herself

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