30 Days of Gratitude: 29

Gratitude today for time with my daughter’s Teacher and family games night. This morning I went to another Montessori toddler class session  with my youngest as he was really keen to go again today. Afterwards just like yesterday we went straight back home for lunch and a play. We picked up my daughter at 3pm and then stayed back to play in the playground for a while. My husband stayed with our children whilst I went to a Parent/Teacher Interview with my daughter’s Teacher. It was basically an informal chat and a chance to raise any questions or concerns. I also got to look around my daughter’s classroom and see some of her favourite materials she enjoys working with. My daughter adores her Teacher and you can tell just by talking to her how passionate she is about being a Montessori Director (Teacher). I found this time with her Teacher really lovely and appreciated the opportunity to do so.

Cheap finds
Some second hand finds. My daughter had asked for a book on recycling for her Birthday would you believe. I was lucky to find this one. 
bingo games night
Every Friday- Family games night (Bingo). 


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