30 Days of Gratitude: 30

Gratitude today for the 30 Days of Gratitude Project. Today is the last day of this 30 Day challenge and it really has been a great way of Practising Gratitude and a way to focus on something positive each and every day. I thank you Dear Readers for following me on this Journey.

I will share a bit about what we did today; This morning we went for a drive to an Asian food market to pick up some fruit that we haven’t tried before. My daughter is Interested in other Cultures and what they eat, so we thought this was one way of cultivating that interest. One of my daughter’s favourite books is ‘Children Just Like Me’, a unique celebration of children around the world. This wonderful book gives an insight into the lives of children all over the world from where and how they live, to what they like to eat and how they dress. We have had our book for a couple of years now and bought it second hand.

Just LIke Me

My daughter has also been working on the Geography Puzzle Maps in her Montessori class and has so far focused on Asia and North and South America. At home today she wanted to know all about children in Vietnam. My husband travels there throughout the year for work and is currently learning to read, write and speak the language. We are hoping to go there as a family some time soon and visit friends who live there. I travelled there with my husband years ago and loved it.

Dragon fruit.jpg
‘Dragon fruit’ as we call it.

After visiting the food markets we spent some time at my children’s other Grandparents place. It’s been several weeks since we caught up so it was lovely to finally do so. We also managed to pick up a Birthday present for my daughter and for her cousin who share the same Birthday month. We got each of them some  children’s sunglasses, puzzle, card game and a book. Later in the afternoon we went for a swim and then had a family BBQ (mine was plant-based). After dinner and baths we read several books together and I gave my children each a face, head (scalp), arm and hand massage before they fell asleep. After writing this, my husband and I are going to watch a movie. We rarely get the chance to do so, so I am looking forward to it.

Thanks again for following and I will be back again in a couple of days.



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