A sewing project for my 5 year old

A family friend of ours gave my daughter two sewing craft kits to make a felt deer and owl plushie. This afternoon we worked on making the deer plushie together. The kits came with material, thread, a needle, stuffing and instruction booklet. I thought the booklet was great as it contained basic tips on how to thread a needle, the different types of hand stitches one can use (running stitch, blanket stitch, whipstitch, backstitch), sewing safety tips and some extension activities and patterns. I only have very basic sewing skills so the booklet was a nice introduction for both of us.

hand stitchingWe haven’t done any hand sewing since moving house but this has motivated me to set up a sewing tray for my children and some kind of space for us to sew together. I am still yet to find my sewing box though.

I have been showing my daughter how to do some basic hand sewing for a while now mostly with a straight or running stitch on hessian or cotton material but I have been wanting to show her how to do slightly more complicated stitching techniques using different kinds of fabrics. I think it’s great to learn to hand sew but I think I may try to borrow my mum’s sewing machine and see how we go using that together to make things for our house such as cloth napkins or placemats as well. hand sewing on feltThe trickiest part of using this sewing kit was threading the needle (small needle eye) and tieing a knot at the end. This type of sewing was a great way to practice alligning and stitching multiple pieces of material together. The stitches ideally needed to be small and close to the edge as possible. hand stitchedgluing on detailsThe rest of the pieces simply needed to be glued on. I wasn’t able to find my hot glue gun which was a pity as I think it would have made sticking the pieces on a little easier. I am still not sure where it got to after our house move. We used craft glue in the end but I am not sure If all the pieces will stay on for long. sweet sewn deerSo this was a sweet little project which has given me lots of ideas now where we can go from here.


4 thoughts on “A sewing project for my 5 year old

  1. How cute is that?! I was just talking about sewing with a friend of mine yesterday, and we both agreed that we think it should be mandatory for all kids, boys and girls, to take (or for all schools to offer at some age) some kind of home ec class where they can learn simple skills like sewing on a button. My mom and grandmother did a lot of sewing when I was growing up, but they did not take the time to teach me; I also showed no interest, given that I had other interests like playing outside (but sometimes I wish they had made me do it… as now I wish I could alter my own clothes, etc.). This is so cute. Well done!

  2. Hi Nadine,
    I had a similar conversation with a friend of mine recently as well. I would love to have learnt to sew early on but it’s never too late to learn. I am hoping to learn some basic skills to pass onto my children if they are interested in wanting to learn. I look at so many things around the home, clothing included that it would be nice to have the skills to make myself, mend or make simple alterations would also be great. I love the idea of being more self-sufficient.

  3. I learnt to sew at school and still have my first attempts in a keepsake box. They taught us when we were about 8 how to do some simple stitches, cross stitch, running stitch and a few others that I can’t remember the name. This is a lovely project to make together and treasure for many years 😂

    1. Hi, that’s really lovely to hear. My daughter has a sewing keepsake box as well now. She is already thinking of decorations to sew for the Christmas tree at the end of the year lol.

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