Baking, mending and gardening with my children this past week

I had every intention of writing this post earlier but got caught up with the hum of life. We did however spend some time this past week baking, mending and gardening together. I baked biscuits with my youngest and my husband worked with my daughter to bake bread and make pizza dough. Both of my children as they do each week put all of the toppings on the pizza. Pizza making is part of our Sunday rhythm.

rolling dough for biscuitsbiscuit cuttingmaking biscuitsshortbread biscuitsI also spent some time with my daughter over a couple of days mending some items around the home. We keep a ‘mending basket’ of items that need to be tended to at some stage. Mending isn’t easy work for my daughter (or myself) but it’s satisfying to meaningfully contribute at home. My daughter mended her teddy which she found easy enough but struggled a bit mending one of our cushions. I was there to help when needed. teddy mendingmending her teddy at 5 yearssplit cushion to be mendedmending a cushion at 5 yearsOver the weekend we spent some time at a garden centre where my two children chose some plants to take home with us. They were given a little bit of money each from their Great Grandmother as we call her to spend on themselves and they chose to get some more plants for our courtyard space. My daughter was especially keen to get some flowers for her ‘fairy garden’ that she has been wanting to make. In the end they chose two types of flowers, two types of herbs and some gardening gloves. The little bit of money left went into their savings money box. planting at 5 years

childrens potted fairy garden
The beginnings of a Fairy garden
children's vertical garden
Children’s vertical garden using the plants they chose from the Nursery (garden centre).
gardening gloves for children
Toddler and child-sized gardening gloves.
gumboot kids
Gumboot (Wellington) kids.





6 thoughts on “Baking, mending and gardening with my children this past week

  1. I like the idea of a mending basket especially for children to mend their toys it’s a good way to teach them to look after their toys. I didn’t know you could get toddler size garden gloves I must look into getting some for Boo (2 year old) 😂

    1. We have only really just started a ‘mending basket’, but so far is working really well. At the moment we have a pair of my daughters leggings and some socks for mending which she can work on whenever she likes. I am often mending things, so she is more likely to want to work alongside me.
      I have seen the toddler gloves in the past but this is the first time we have gotten gardening gloves for my children. My youngest needed help putting them on initially, but absolutely loves using them now as he can do so independently.

    1. It really has been a lovely week. I am such a homebody and enjoy baking, cooking, gardening and now sewing/mending. It’s of course much nicer when I do so with my children.

    1. Yes it definitely keeps things ‘to be tended to’ in the one place, which looks tidy. I keep my basket in a prominent spot so I don’t forget about it. My daughter has a smaller basket with a couple of items in it at a time.

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