Getting out and about; play date and picnic by the lake

We don’t do ‘play dates’ that often, but over the school holidays we may do one or two catch ups if my children are happy to do so, usually with the same children each time and only for a few hours. Today though, we caught up with another mum from my daughter’s school, whom we haven’t spent much time with before. She also has two children of similar ages to my two. Even though the weather was promising rain, we chose to meet at a lakeside park for a play and a picnic. The weather ended up being rather lovely, overcast and nice and cool. A lovely change to the hot weather we have been having.

trip to a park lake

turtle spotting
Can you spot the turtle?

After a very long playground play and walk through the surrounding gardens, all of the children were exhausted, so we sat down on a picnic rug to take a break and have something to eat and drink. I think the children sat down for about ten minutes and then were off again, running around. Having brought all of our own food and drinks to share, we hadn’t planned on buying anything but as a treat we stopped for ice creams before heading home. Within five minutes the rain started bucketing down, so I am glad we left when we did. Both of my children fell asleep on the way home. We had a lovely morning.


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