Some home made food and a family movie.

Today was a slow one. Both of my children woke up looking still very tired even though I presumed they must have slept well as both went to sleep early and didn’t wake through the night. They did have a big day yesterday though.

The plan today, for me anyways was to make up some ‘feel good’ food. That for me is usually soup. I keep a ceramic bowl in our fridge which I keep an eye on and fill with any vegetables/fruit that need to be used up first. I had several tomatoes that were over ripe and just did not taste nice raw. Keeping tomatoes in mind, I opted to make a tomato based soup and tomato based pasta sauce.

soup makingtomato and veg soupI thought the soup tasted nice and there was no need to use any stock. I would have added garlic if we had some though. I had a feeling my youngest wouldn’t like it as he is not a tomato fan, but I thought maybe he might like this soup as he loves my sweet potato and carrot soup and both ingredients were in this soup. No, he was not a fan of this soup sadly. I ended up using his portion to add to the pasta sauce to add some more vegetables.

pasta sauce makingpasta sauceI used the rest of the over ripe tomatoes to make a pasta sauce. I stored half of it in the freezer to be used as a pizza sauce or to add to a lasagne for example down the track.

Whilst I was cooking in the kitchen, my children were watching a family movie on Netflix in another room. As a treat I tried to make popcorn on the stove top which I haven’t done before. We were given a popcorn making machine years ago, which I lazily have been using.

home made popcorn ingredients
Coconut oil works well to make home made popcorn.

home made popcornhome made movie popcornI managed to burn some of the popcorn kernels but most came out fine. I only missed the first part of the family movie but stayed and watched the rest with my children.

I only really spent about an hour in the kitchen this morning which had lunch and dinner mostly done. The rest of the day was ours to enjoy together.

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