A play date in the morning and an afternoon of play

This morning we had some friends over. This is the first time we have had a play date at our house since we moved. It worked out well as my daughter got to spend some quality time with her school friend whilst my son played with her friend’s younger brother and at times they all played together. The older girls mostly played dress ups and play scenarios whilst the younger boys spent most of their time playing in the courtyard collecting sticks, leaves and rocks in buckets and kicking a ball around and then playing with some toys cars. Whilst the children played, I had a coffee and a chat with the other mum….so nice!

After our friends left my children played in our courtyard on their scooters and bikes and my daughter tried to teach her brother how to use her hula hoop her Nan bought her for Christmas. There are so many creative ways to use one. scooter at 5 years

backyard bike and scooter play
Chasing each other around the courtyard.
hoola hoop skipping practice
Figuring out what to do with the hula hoop.

hoola hoopAfterwards we went for a little walk taking a ball with us. We have a nice ‘communal’ grassed space for play in our town house complex. The space is bigger than our last backyard and is surrounded by many Australian native plants. It’s nice to have access to this space without having to maintain it. It’s also a lovely spot to observe the subtle changes in nature throughout the seasons.

flowers in bloom

banksia tree
Banksia tree.  We have watched the changes to the seed pods from Summer through Autumn.

soccer playerplaying soccersoccer outsideAfter a play and on walking back home, my children wanted to ‘just put their feet into the water’ in the pool close by, so I said yes, however my cheeky youngest jumped straight into the water clothes and all laughing hysterically….. followed then by an hour of play in the pool. Sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow. pool swim

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