A road trip, picnic and lots of time to explore

Instead of Easter crafts and baking like we did last year, we decided this time to take a road trip with the intent to explore and have a picnic. Sometimes it’s nice to explore and not have a specific destination in mind. My children, especially my eldest now loves to get out and about and explore the great outdoors. There is so much to see which often sparks a new interest and opens up many conversations with my children.

We ended up stopping at a few spots including a local damn. This dam was built for the dual purpose of providing a reliable water supply for the region and flood mitigation. Flood mitigation is capturing water and then releasing it at a slower rate, with the aim of minimising river levels downstream of the dam. My daughter found this so interesting. We have had lots of conversations more recently about where our water comes from, how much we use at home and what ways we can use less. So, when we got home we spent some time doing more research together and coming up with ideas to implement at home.

dam spillway lookout.

spillway spot


picnic spot
stopped for a picnic with a view!

A road trip with young children can be really lovely if you pack your own food and drinks and there is an opportunity for car naps and lots of time to explore.

I hope you get to enjoy the Easter long weekend whether you celebrate Easter or not. We are having some family over tomorrow for lunch.

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