A weekend of sewing and knitting

Over the weekend my daughter wanted to work on finishing a sewing project; making an owl plushie. This was a kit she was given for her Birthday from a school friend. She needed my help at certain points (threading the needle and tying a knot), but was able to do most of the sewing parts independently and able to use a glue gun to stick down the rest of the pieces. This owl plushie was worked on over two days.

sewing project basket
Sewing project basket.

sewing an owl plushiefinished owl plushie

finished sewing projects at 5 years
Daisy Deer and Olivia Owl. Daisy deer was the last sewing project she worked on.

lucet knitting fork basketMy daughter hasn’t used her wooden Lucet fork for a while but decided she wanted to also use it over the weekend. If you are using one for the first time, I would suggest using thicker wool and only the one colour. My daughter has used this fork for some time now, so giving her multi-coloured thinner wool is a bit more challenging but not enough to cause any frustration. knitting using a lucetHere she is working on making a rainbow headband. some of todays knitting.jpg


3 thoughts on “A weekend of sewing and knitting

    1. She chose the wool herself…actually I think it may have been an acrylic wool. It’s definitely trickier to work with but she really loved using it. Thank you, her sewing is coming along as well. I am collecting some scrap bits and pieces of material and other things in a basket, so she can make and create whatever she likes.

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