My son’s second week of Children’s House (Cycle 1)

My son has now just finished his second week in the Children’s House and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. This week was so much better than last week as he is now happily settled in, made some new friends, adores his Directress and really loves working with the inside and outside classroom materials. I have also coped a bit better this week as I found last week so emotionally draining. I caught a few glimpses of what my son was getting up to around pick up time; one of the days i saw him painting on the outside art easel and another day I saw him setting the tables on the deck with some other children in preparation for lunch. That was lovely to see.

Second week of school;

Monday: Day 4 of school. My son wasn’t that well over the weekend but mostly recovered today. I was a little worried about taking him to school knowing he was still recovering. It ended up being one of those rushed mornings. We managed to get my daughter to her classroom on time but the doors didn’t open until late as there was a substitute Teacher helping out and it was her first day in this particular classroom. This meant that by the time I dropped my son to class everyone had already gone in and he felt anxious as he couldn’t see his Directress. She did however spot my son and came out to greet us. My son then happily went with her. Pick up was great as he had had a lovely time.

Tuesday: Public Holiday (no school). Today we stayed at home and had a slow, quiet day to just rest.

Wednesday: Day 5 of school. This morning we got to school early for some playground play before school started and my son got the chance to play with another boy the same age as him and in his class. It makes all the difference when they just make one friend from their class. My son knows and plays with many other children at the school but they are just not in his class. I also met this boys mother for the first time which was nice.

Thursday: Day 6 of school. Lots of excitement about going to class today. We again got to school early and both of the my children had a lovely play with lots of other children. At drop off my son waved to me and went straight into the classroom.

Friday: Day 7 of school. At this point my son has now met three children from his class and I have met a few more parents. He happily walks with his friends to class now usually holding hands which is so sweet.

I have continued to get up an hour earlier than everyone else on a school day to have that initial time to myself to get ready (dressed etc) and then prep breakfast. School bags and snacks are done the day before and we prep my daughter’s lunch box (Planet Box) the night before as well. I have found that some food items taste better making them on the day they are eaten. Not everything taste so nice making the day before. Having most school related things prepped the day before means no rushing in the mornings. My children can wake up, have time to sit together for breakfast, get ready for school and have a short play at home. I also give them the choice of leaving for school early for playground play which they always want to do. It usually gives them between 30-45 mins of outdoor play time before heading into the classroom. We also now stay back for about 1 hour after school for playground/park play (my children’s choice) as many of my children’s friends also do so. In the Summer we may alternate between staying back at school for an hour to play or going for a swim or sometimes if everyone is tired just going straight home. On the odd occasion we may have a play-date at a friend’s house or at our house but I prefer to do that on the school holidays.

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