Talking to children about body safety-personal boundaries, respect and consent.

Talking to children about bodily autonomy, personal boundaries, respect and consent is so important. Helping children learn the necessary body safety skills can be empowering. There is confidence and courage to be found in knowing they control their own bodies.

No means no

No Means No by Jayneen Sanders is a children’s early years picture book that teaches children about personal boundaries, respect and consent; empowering kids by respecting their choices and their right to say ‘No!’. The scenarios in this book relate to personal space and a child’s autonomy over their body. This children’s book is about giving children choice, respecting their choices and personal boundaries, asking them for their consent and empowering them as they grow into adulthood. A Note to the Reader and conversation starters and discussion questions for parents, caregivers and educators are also included.

“I am strong and I have a voice that is LOUD and CLEAR. So….when I say, ‘No’…No Means No!”

Click this link to listen to No Means No on YouTube.

My body what I say goes.jpg

My Body! What I say Goes! by Jayneen Sanders is a book written in an age-appropriate and child-friendly way, children learn about;

  • safe and unsafe feelings
  • Early Warning Signs (when I feel unsafe by body lets me know)
  • Safety Network. The people in my Safety Network are very important to me and I am very important to them.
  • private parts (always use the correct names)
  • safe and unsafe touch
  • the difference between secrets and surprises
  • respecting body boundaries (personal space)

“Say in a loud, strong voice with your hand held out, ‘Stop! This is my body! What I say goes!”

This book also includes a Note to caregivers and educators at the beginning and discussion questions at the end of the book.

Click this link to listen to My Body! What I say Goes! on YouTube.

Other Tips;

  • Conversations with your children about body safety should be open and ongoing
  • Revisit these safety talks often
  • Educate yourself
  • There are plenty of Free printables on ‘Body Safety for children’ if you do an online search.


2 thoughts on “Talking to children about body safety-personal boundaries, respect and consent.

  1. I have had the same conversations with some other mothers at my children’s school fairly recently. I found books overall to be really helpful. Some of the mums said they use online resources for information and have used free wall chart printables to hang up at home as a guide.

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