An afternoon of baking with my 3 year old

I am so glad my youngest and I managed to find some time this afternoon to bake together. The last few weeks have felt a bit hectic, so it was so nice to slow down and have that quality time together.

Baking is something that both of my children absolutely love to do and especially when we do it together. The recipe we chose to work with this afternoon is from The Minimalist Baker; one bowl carrot apple muffins (vegan + GF). I will admit that I tweaked the recipe a little bit. I have mentioned before that I don’t always stick to recipes. It’s of course easier for a young child to work from a recipe but there is also a lot of fun in using one just as a guide but creating your own version of it. I also like to just work with what we already have in our pantry.

For a while now I have tried to focus on slowly stockpiling more ‘ingredients’ rather than food at home in our pantry if that makes sense as I prefer to cook from scratch.  If I am going to work with a recipe I try to keep to as few ingredients as possible, it’s easier and more cost effective. My aim is to keep it simple.

baking at 3 years
Lots of pouring, scooping, grating, mashing and mixing.

baking muffins at 3 years

apple and carrot muffin cake
A little bit over cooked but still tasted really nice. Both of my children really liked the taste.
energy bites
My son and I also made these energy bites yesterday (dates, coconut and oats). As these were a school snack treat I couldn’t add any nut butter as there is a ‘No Nut’ policy at my children’s school due to allergies.

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