An afternoon of baking with my 5 year old

Yesterday afternoon my daughter made some banana and blueberry dairy and egg free muffins for her two Grandmothers for Mothers Day this Sunday. Each year we try to give something home-made or hand-made and sometimes add flowers. This year it’s an assortment of little cakes and muffins and we will be taking over some freshly made scones on the day.

baking muffins at 5 years
Mixing with a whisk and her hands.

My daughter read and worked through a recipe on my laptop as that is what she asked to do but I am presuming so because she often sees me do this. This was a simple enough recipe to follow but I was there to help if needed.

muffins made by 5 year oldWe used a silicone baking tray that my mother passed onto me as she didn’t like using it herself. I found it easy enough to work with and it washed well after use. I didn’t have any muffin or small loaf/cake tins so I was happy to take them.

With these little cakes we frozen half of them for Sunday and ate the rest for afternoon tea. They tasted really nice. Instead of milk we used almond milk and instead of eggs we made a flax egg. Sometimes using just mashed bananas is enough depending on the recipe.






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