Happy Mother’s Day for 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! I had a lovely weekend with family. Yesterday we spent the day with my husband’s mother. We brought over some home-made, child-made cakes and some date, coconut, cacao and oat balls which were made during the week as a gift. We also set up the table outside with a fruit plate, some biscuits, nut butter spread, mixed nuts, prunes and dates for a morning tea together. Afterwards we made coffees for everyone and did all the washing up. We also, all went for a short walk together to a local park where my children had some time to play and we got to enjoy the lovely cool weather. We ended up getting home quite late, but still managed to have a nice family dinner together which was so nice.

On the Sunday we had a simple little breakfast together (fruit and pancakes) at our home and then spent the rest of the day with my mum and dad. We also gave my mum some home-made treats as a gift and cooked up a hot (plant-based) brunch for everyone in my parents kitchen with some food we brought over and of course cleaning up afterwards.

child made cakes
Banana cake on the left, apple and carrot cake in the middle and banana and berry cake on the right (all egg and dairy free).
home made and child made cakes
A bit tricky trying to take these over as a zero-waste style gift but also using only what we had on hand. 

fruit gift for a mothers day fruit platerThis basket is some of what we took over to my husband’s mum’s house on the Saturday. We chopped up a small portion of it for morning tea and left the rest of it for her to use during the week. I always appreciate food gifts. mothers day gift at 3 yearsI got this lovely book mark made by my 3-year-old at school for Mother’s Day using his finger and thumb prints and some paint to make the flower petals and leaves. He was so proud of it. I didn’t take a photo of the bookmark my daughter gave me to post here as it has her name on the front. Her bookmark was hand written with a message that said ‘Dear mum, I love you‘ and was decorated using dried flowers and was tied off at the top with rainbow wool, just beautiful.


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