Over the weekend

Over the weekend we spent some time fixing and mending a few things around the house. I have started making a list of ‘things to do’ that need tending to at some point. Firstly we worked on adjusting the height of a second-hand wooden bar stool I picked up recently to make it a more child-friendly size to be used at my daughter’s work desk. The chair she had been using was too low for her which made working at the desk my dad made for her rather difficult.

My husband simply cut the legs down to the right height. Rather than getting rid of the excess wood from the chair legs, I sanded them back and they are now in my children’s wooden block basket to be used for play.

Next my husband worked on replacing the broken bottom tiers of our children’s book shelves. They broke due to being climbed on by my son when he was a young toddler, I just hadn’t gotten round to fixing it earlier, sadly. These shelves were easily fixed by cutting a wooden dowel/rod to size.

broken book shelf

fixed tiered book shelf
Fixed tiered book shelves.

The other projects I am currently working on is putting together a children’s rainbow floor rug. I have some rainbow coloured floor mats (sold as bath mats) and am planning on sewing them together. This rug will likely go in front of the tiered book shelves to add a pop of colour and add a bit more comfort to this reading space.

I am also trying to salvage our poor art easel that I accidentally left outside during a storm which damaged it. Bits and pieces have been breaking off ever since. I believe it can still be used. I am considering re-painting it down the track. For the moment I plan to simply attach some large bulldog clips to the easel so my children can easily attach paper to it to paint or draw. It may not look great but it will work fine. At the moment there is no where on the easel to attach paper or put art supplies due to part of the wooden frame breaking off.

plant for childrens study

Some other little changes around the house is the addition of  an Aloe Vera plant on my daughter’s work desk in the study space. I got this plant from my mums garden.

childrens water drinking stationchildrens water station

Since moving house, there is less space to set up separate little Practical Life work stations, so I made do with what we had. This space was intended to be used for a microwave, but as we don’t have/use one this space works well as a children’s drink station as it’s at the perfect height. The glass water jug we were gifted, the rainbow coloured tray my children got from their Grandma and I purchased the little coffee cups. I think these ceramic cups work better than the little glasses we were using before hand. This way my children know which cup is theirs where as before hand they kept drinking out of the same glass. Can you see the black thing in the water jug? It’s a charcoal stick!

5 year olds sewing project CATOver the weekend my daughter worked on and finished her Cat sewing project.

DINNER PREPLots of baking and meal prep help over the weekend.

vegan cheesecake.jpg
Our little vegan cheese cakes.

I will have another post up tonight or tomorrow with some photos from our Friday family games night, which ended up being my children wanting more to work by themselves or together in their study space rather than play board games. Friday night games night is sometimes movie night as well…just depends on what my children feel like doing at the time.

childrens fairy garden
My children’s fairy garden is growing nicely. Both of my children take great care of it.

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