Weekly Rhythm- Family games/movie night (series)

Last Friday night, instead of watching a movie, playing board games or card games together like we often do on a Friday night, my children just wanted to do some ‘work/play’ in the study upstairs. I moved my work desk out of this room to give my children more space for their tables/desks and for their work materials (Montessori type materials). I will show you some pictures of this room in another post. Basically my children have a desk each and a shelf each to store their work materials. There is also the tiered book shelves, some floor cushions and some plants in this space as well. I am trying to keep this area uncluttered with plenty of room to move about and hopefully creating and a sense of calm and comfort. world map puzzleHere my youngest is finishing off this 100 piece puzzle. His sister did most of the work and left him the last bit to do himself. They quite like doing puzzles like this together. My son has some 24 piece puzzles in our games cupboard which he is able to work with independently. seek and find book at 3 yearsHere my son is looking at one of his favourite books; Usborne My First Pirate book which was gifted to him by my obstetrician when he was born. Each page has numerous items to be found. This is a fun book for younger children, great for around 3 years of age.crossword puzzles at 5 yearsMy daughter worked on some puzzles by herself and then chose to do some work on this word search book and then used the Usborne Great World Search book that I recently picked up from an OP shop (second-hand store) for AUD $2. This is a great book with puzzles to solve, presents to spot and clues to follow and also contains lots of facts about people and places. I help my daughter at times with the puzzles in this book. She is able to read most of the words but needs a little help sometimes to work out what she needs to do. World search book at 5 yearsThe other books we have on my daughters shelf is the ‘Where’s Wally‘ series. My husband was given a travel set of these books as a Secret Santa present and my daughter loves them.

Usborne the Great World Search.jpg

Afterwards both of my children played Lego together and then went to bed.

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