Over the weekend

I have really enjoyed the last couple of weekends, where we have had plenty of down time together at home. We do try to free up our weekends as much as possible and If I am organised enough, I don’t really need to do much housework such as cleaning, leaving plenty of time for baking or cooking together which we all love to do.

reusbale produce bagsmarkets trying different kinds of fruitOn Saturday morning we visited the markets together and picked up some fruit. My daughter specifically wanted to try a star fruit and a rambutan as she had seen these in another school friend’s lunch box. She loved the rambutan, which tasted a bit like a lychee and the star fruit wasn’t ripe so we will need to wait a bit longer before trying to eat it again. Not sure, but I think when they are ripe, they may be more of a yellow colour? Notice our reusable produce bags? I love using them and you can easily make them yourselves. DIY rainbw rug for reading cornerRemember I mentioned last week that I was going to work on sewing together some of those coloured mats we had? Well, I managed to finish them relatively quickly whilst my youngest watched for a bit and then decided to use his lacing cards so he could sew as well. These are the same cards my daughter used years ago. my 3 year old using lacing cardscolourful reading rugIn the afternoon whilst my children painted together indoors, I spent some time working on their outdoor art easel giving it a bit of a clean up. These table top easels they received for Christmas from their Aunty. I think they are from Kmart in Australia and were approx AUD $20. painting togetherfixing a broken art easela space to store paint suppliesAll the easel really needed was some clips to hold the paper on and a space to hold the paint supplies. All I could find around the house was a tray in our kitchen which we sometimes use to serve afternoon tea on. Seems to work well to hold paints. hanging paintings to dryThe rest of the afternoon my children played together outside on their scooters or played blocks and Lego inside. They also used some stencils which we have had for ages. My daughter loves to ‘teach’ her younger brother new things, so here she is showing him how to use stencils. using stencils togetherfabric drawingHere my daughter is drawing on fabric squares. childrens wardrobeMy children usually store their shoes, hats, sunglasses and school bags downstairs in baskets on a shelf, but I wanted to try putting their shoes neatly in their wardrobe to see if this works any better. After my daughter’s initial excitement, she asked me to put her shoes back where they were downstairs as she liked our original set up better. I am thinking though, that maybe I could store their winter slippers/boots like this or maybe their more formal shoes…when they get some. At the moment they each have two pairs of shoes, and they are all second-hand.  an update to my childrens fairy gardenAnother pic of my children’s fairy garden at my daughter’s request. Did you know that she often reads my blog posts? My daughter put the little fairy in a new spot and added some glass beads which look beautiful in the sunshine. DIY pizza doughAs we do every weekend, we made some pizza dough. We need to get back into bread making as well as we were making some every weekend at one point. my DIY beauty traySomething I love doing is making my own cleaning products and personal care items such as deodorant, toothpaste, moisturiser, soap, lip and cheek tint for example. Sometimes at night If I am not prepping school lunches, I am experimenting in the kitchen on a new recipe.

DIY Beauty bar
Xylitol, charcoal powder, arrowroot, candelilla wax (vegan), shea butter, coconut oil and bicarb/baking soda and beetroot powder are some of my DIY ingredients.
DIY deodorant
Making deodorant- shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot.


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