Just a few pics of our children’s study, art and play space

We have been in our new home for approx 5 months now and I have been meaning to put a few more pictures up of our children’s spaces for a while now. It’s only been more recent that I set up a space for them in the spare room/study. I moved my desk out of this room to make space for my daughter’s desk which she really wanted in this space. This room for now will be used as a quiet space but also as a guest bedroom and if one of my children would like to have a room of their own instead of sharing a bedroom as they do now. work desksMy daughter has been using her desk mostly to draw or colour in, look at books, write, sometimes use her work materials or she will work through one of her puzzle/word search books that are in her wooden art caddy. It’s a space of her own and big enough for her to spread her work out. As mentioned previously, the larger desk my dad made and the brown wooden chair was an OP shop purchase (second hand store). The smaller white table my son uses was from Kmart in Australia and we have had it for about 4 years now. book shelvesnature display spaceI didn’t have any intention of creating a specific nature table or shelf, but this table forms the centre part of my work desk but was too awkward to lift (very heavy) downstairs, plus there was actually no room for it anywhere else in the house. I now just display my children’s canvas art that they created together last year and some little plants. it’s also become a little nature corner or space for collected treasures. reading nookI often sit on this chair when my children are in this space but they also use it sometimes as well. It’s another piece of furniture that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the house, but I am keen to hold onto it. There are two floor cushions which get used often and my children’s calendar which is changed each and every day.my almost 3.5 year olds shelves

Here is my son’s current shelf set up. Nothing is new, mostly just my daughters materials that she no longer works with. my almost 5.5 year olds shelvesMy daughters shelves contain an addition/subtraction board which we have borrowed from a friend for a few months, some number counting beads, some spelling cards which will often be used with a movable alphabet, puzzles, world search books and a challenging Tangram booklet with magnetic shapes. downstairs play spaceMy children’s play space- which has been changed yet again. By moving/removing some furniture downstairs we were able to make this space for my children’s to use, which is by the front door. It houses blocks (in the baskets), cars, trucks, wooden doll people, Lego, dolls house and wooden barn. Not seen in this picture but close by is a basket of dress ups, mostly just clothes from around the house and some hats, scarves, beanies etc. As mentioned previously, my dad made the shelf and the coloured wooden blocks as well as the doll’s house and the rug was gifted to us. art trolley cornerArt space. This trolley still works really well for us and it can be moved around the house depending on where my children are wanting to create whether it be inside or outside the house. It contains, paper and stencils in the top shelf, middle shelf has stamps, coloured pencils, scissors, ruler, sharpener, eraser and hole punch and the bottom shelf is for paints and glue/paste.

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