Over the weekend

Last weekend my children worked together to make a Birthday cake for me. They gathered, measured and mixed all the ingredients together and of course got two large spoons to eat the left over cake batter in the bowl after pouring the mixture into the cake pan.making a cakeSometimes we simply mix the cake batter with a wooden spoon, but other times use this electric mixer when making a larger cake. icing a birthday cakeMy daughter made the icing in the same electric mixer and decorated the cake. cake decorated by 5 year oldChild made birthday cardI received a lovely card that my daughter worked on at school last week.  Birthday card made at school

Birthday chair decoration
Birthday chair ribbon.

After having a lovely child-made fresh orange juice and some pancakes for breakfast, we set up a worm cafe (worm farm) outside, that my children gave me for my Birthday. It’s made from recycled plastic. This is one of those practical gifts that gets the whole family involved. My children have been learning all about worm farms at school.

worm cafe for gardenworm cafeAs you can see below, we also use a compost bucket. There are certain foods and other items that worms do not like (such as citrus), so those go into the compost bucket. There is so much to learn about worm farms and composting. compost-binAfterwards we went to a new cafe for a little treat which lucky for us had an outdoor garden play space. This lovely cafe served lots of vegetarian and vegan food options, but we just went for drinks and my children shared a large oat based cookie. cafe treatLater in the afternoon we cooked up an outdoor BBQ (vego for me).

Over the Sunday, my husband swapped over the taps in the bathroom upstairs as my children have had trouble turning the taps off and on in our new home. Now the newer taps have a better grip so much easier now to use.

taps before
Taps before…
taps after
Taps after…

ribbon weavingJust a couple of other photos from the weekend; my children wanted to bring the weaving frame back out and use our coloured ribbon stash. Sometimes they use paper strips, material scraps or nature items as well. creativity with paintLots and lots of painting on the Sunday and a family movie in the late afternoon. I love slow weekends…and again this was one of them; family movie, card games (memory match and UNO), baking, cooking, park play, gardening and just lots of quality time together.

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