Over the weekend

Last Friday night as a family, we worked on a few puzzles together, played the simple card game ‘Snap‘, looked at some Poetry books together and then sang some songs before bed. We were all a bit tired, so didn’t end up having a late night. Dinosaur snap collaborative games

OP Shop (second-hand store) puzzle.

Saturday was a slow day; oats with cut up strawberries for breakfast after a sleep in, some play outside, painting, clay work, story reading and listening to music whilst I caught up with a load of washing, tidied the kitchen and made time to read a few pages of a book. In the afternoon, I made a coffee and my children made a hot chocolate (we consider a treat) and had an outdoor picnic for afternoon tea (cut up fruit).

clay work at 5 yearsclay work at 5.5 yearsoutside artEarly Sunday morning, my husband came back home (had been working overseas for a little over a week) but wasn’t feeling well, so he spent most of the day in bed resting/sleeping. My children and I baked some biscuits, they read some books, played Lego and played on their scooters together outside and we did some sewing and more art in the afternoon. We also did some yoga together for a bit of fun. I had to shift our furniture around to make room for all three of us to do this together.

more sewing at 5.5 years
My daughter working on making another owl plush.
yoga at 5.5 years
A little bit of guided meditation.
yoga poses at 5 years The Chair
Working through a YouTube kids yoga session.
yoga play
Me trying to do yoga whilst my son is crawling all over my mat or all over me which he finds hilarious!

In a couple of days I will have another post on some DIY first sewing cards that I made up for my daughter’s Montessori classroom.

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