Making Montessori classroom materials (sewing cards)

I have just recently volunteered to help make some classroom materials at home for both of my children’s Montessori Children’s House classrooms (for 3-6 years). There are many ways parents can help out such as volunteering in the classroom, to make materials with other parents (at school or at home) or help out at school events (sports day or Seasonal celebrations) for example.

A few weeks ago, one of the mothers showed the children how to set up a worm farm in the classroom gardens with each child getting a chance to help. I have seen other parents come into the classroom and share a specific skill, talk about their occupation or talk to the children about special cultural traditions. Other ways parents can help is by donating food/flowers (if needed) for Practical Life such as food preparation or flower arranging, books old or new, cloth/material for sewing, garden tools for the outdoor part of the classroom, for example. The ideas and opportunities to help are endless.

I just finished making some sewing cards which only took me one afternoon to do.

Sewing cards;

  • Material- white card stock which is thicker than most printing paper but also flexible.
  • Card length- approx 24 cm.
  • Holes approx 3 cms apart– measured and marked with pencil then black pen (8 holes per card) and then a needle to poke the marked holes all the way through.

making first sewing cardsfirst sewing cards- measuringfirst sewing cards- hole punchI will continue to share with you any other classroom materials I make from home. There is only a few days left on school, then there is a couple of weeks of school holidays, so I won’t be needing to make anything else for a while.

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