Over the weekend

This post is a bit late as we had a busy week/weekend. We had three children’s Birthday parties over the weekend, which lovely for us, were all at parks. Aside from lots of play there was large bubble blowing and children’s croquet as well as a few other organised games. Most park parties we go to though, don’t have organised activities so the children can just have unstructured play time. Even though we weren’t home most of the weekend, I still took some photos of what my children got up to.

poetry and picnicPajamas, picnic and poetry!  If I know we are going to be home all day, I will pre-make lunches in our stainless steel lunchboxes and keep them in the fridge, to be had when anyone is hungry. In this case though, my daughter said she would rather have had a shared plate of food considering it was a ‘picnic’. I will remember that next time we have a picnic at home. picnic, pajamas and poetry

outdoor art
Some outdoor art. Even though we don’t have a grassed space in our backyard, we do have lots of lovely plants and small trees, perfect for sketching.  Often we will see lots of birds and butterflies.

art outsdoorspin poking workingAfter my children watched me make up those sewing cards they both wanted to do some pin poking. Using a stencil I made up a few shape cards for my son to use for pin poking following the lines. My daughter chose to make her own sewing card by using an Australian state stencil cards to make a shape, do some pin poking and sew around the edges. child made sewing card using Aus state stencils


sewing at 5.5 years
sewing- patching up a hole found in her winter blanket.

Tennis- a new interestA bit of fun yesterday- my children used these rackets to practice hitting a tennis ball against the wall and for other things. The tennis racket is child-sized. children's tennis racketTowards the end of the week I will have a post on using a mini mushroom farm at home and another post of jigsaw puzzles.



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