Mushroom Mini Farm (growing and harvesting mushrooms)

Last Christmas my children’s Aunty gave them an organic Mushroom Mini Farm kit to grow at home. As we ended up moving house at the beginning of this year, this kit got packed up in a box and only recently we actually found it as we have been clearing out our garage.

This kit was easy to use with just a matter of soaking for 8 hours and sprinkling a little bit of water on it each day and harvesting in approx 10 days. They are of course edible and non GMO and the soil is plant-based. Both of my children loved being involved in the process of growing mushrooms and it was lots of fun to watch. We of course ate the oyster mushrooms- we made gnocchi with a (burnt butter which was dairy free, garlic, pepper, onion and mushroom sauce). I think sage would have gone really well with these mushrooms as well. This kit can be re-soaked for a bonus crop.

Kate from An Everyday Story wrote about growing and harvesting mushrooms with a similar kit as well if you want to have a read.

growing mushrooms at home 1growing mushrooms at home 2

growing muchrooms at home 3
Approx day 7

Back to the Roots- Their Story;

“We’re two guys who turned down the corporate world right out of college to instead become full-time urban mushroom farmers. We then created the Mushroom Mini Farm so everyone could have fun growing their own organic mushrooms and taste the difference”

I am not sure where exactly this particular kit was purchased from, but the company is called Back to the roots. Considering we don’t have anywhere to forage for edible mushrooms ourselves, this was a great way of exploring mushroom growth and quite the sensory exploration as my children loved to observe and feel the mushrooms at each stage of growth.

The box can be recycled and the soil composted. There is however plastic lining around the soil to keep it in tact.

Next, I think we may look into some ideas for creating an at home Terrarium. I have been wanting to do this with my children for some time.

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