Over the weekend- visiting an animal sanctuary

Luckily for us, we received an annual pass to an animal sanctuary as a gift, so we can visit as many times as we like for the next year. On Saturday, we took our own food and water bottles, hats, sunscreen and a backpack and spent most of the day exploring together. The weather was beautiful! It’s Winter time now in Australia, but it was still a lovely, warm day.

feeding rainbow lorikeets at 5.5 years
Here my daughter is feeding the Rainbow Lorikeets. We both ended up with several sitting on our heads and shoulders, and I ended up with a fair bit of bird poo on my shirt. Great fun!
holding a baby chick at 5.5 years
Here my daughter is sitting with several other young children and a volunteer worker is helping her to very gently hold a baby chick.
holding a guinea pig at 5.5 years
Here my daughter is having a turn at holding a guinea pig. This is something she has wanted to do for a long time. My son surprising wasn’t interested in holding any of the baby animals, he just wanted to run around, but did opt to feed some sheep with his Dad.
feeding kangaroos at 3.5 years
My son trying to feed a very placid, friendly kangaroo…who was not particularly hungry, but happy to be patted.
patting a large kangaroo at 5.5 years
This kangaroo was pretty big. Also, very friendly. The paper bag my daughter is holding had some roo food in it.
looking at snakes at 5.5 years
My daughter has a keen interest in snakes and crocodiles at the moment…thanks to an interest inspired by Steve and Bindi Irwin (of Australia Zoo). Today my daughter got to see both. One very excited 5 year old!

looking at snakes at 5 years

Plastic Free July - take your own food and re-usable coffee cup.jpg
To save a bit of money and to avoid wastage, we brought our own snacks, including some sandwiches and water bottles. We did, however purchase a coffee which was put into my re-usable coffee mug. I think I would like to invest in a flask so we can take our own coffee or tea next time.

Sunday was a slow day; we stayed at home for rest and play and in the afternoon took some food, a picnic rug and some soccer balls to this ‘communal (shared) space’ in our town house complex. soccer play at 3.5 yearsfamily soccer play

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