All about my 5 year old- (an Interview)

Like last year , I sat down with my daughter and asked her some questions about her favourite things, really for a bit of fun but also as a record to see how the answers change over the years. I ran through last years questions with her, but this is my daughter’s ‘adjusted’ version. I like the idea of letting her guide me with this Interview, as much as I could have asked all sorts of questions, these are lovely and simple;

  1. How old are you? 5
  2. What is your favourite colour? Blue
  3. What is your favourite food? spaghetti and mango
  4. What is your favourite drink? orange juice
  5. What is your favourite book? Bindi Irwin book (Bindi’s Wildlife Adventures)
  6. What is your favourite place to visit? Park and animal sanctuary.
  7. What is your favourite animal? Koala and platypus
  8. What are your favourite things to do? Play Lego, do art and read.
  9. What is your favourite way to travel? Plane
  10. What is your favourite flower? Lavender

How have things changed this past year? A lot has changed which is bitter-sweet but this really is such a wonderful age!

At school, now that my daughter is in her last, couple of terms in her Montessori Children’s House (for 3-6 years) before she transitions to Cycle Two, she has become one of the Leaders, helping the younger children with their work. The last time we attended a ‘Working with Your Child’ session where parents get to spend some time in their children’s classroom, I was amazed at what she was working on; sentence writing, spelling and large number work mostly but had obviously worked through most of the materials in the classroom. My daughter is very excited about transitioning to Cycle Two, but I am not sure If I am quite ready for that though.

Often my daughter brings work home (mostly hand-made booklets) from school to show me and she is clearly very interested in Geography, Zoology and Botany at school, but I can also see this interest at home as well. This past year has been very much about meeting and making lots of new friends, but at the same time, trying to form close friendships.

Have you heard of ‘Normalisation’ in regards to Montessori? If you haven’t, have a read of the above link, as I think my daughter is at that stage now. It’s been interesting having two children in the Montessori Children’s House, so I can really see the difference from when a child has just started at around 3.5 years, to one not far from transitioning out at 6 years of age.  I have also, just started reading more about the Montessori Second Plane of Development to better prepare myself for the next stage of my daughters transition to Cycle Two (6-9 years). I will keep you posted on when and how this transition goes.

At home; at this age and stage my daughter clearly wants a balance of time with family, time with friends and time to herself. My daughter doesn’t do any after school classes/lessons, so her time is freed up to spend with friends. Sometimes we may go swimming together or to a park/nature reserve for play or just come straight home. On weekends we focus on quality family time and ‘slow days’.

  • My daughter is big into imaginary play and roll play at this age. She is always busy playing out different pretend-play scenarios or putting on shows by herself, with her brother or with her friends. Dress ups is still very popular at home.
  • Practical Life wise, my daughter wants to be a part of everything at home such as sewing, cooking, gardening and helping around the house, but now just wants more challenging tasks. Sometimes she wants to work Independently, whereas other times she wants to work by my side.
  • Instead of the What questions I got a lot of around 4 years of age, I now get lots of Why questions which I don’t always know the answers to, but we will look it up together. My daughter is also very interested in how things work.
  • Reading and writing- my daughter is now reading simple chapter books but still loves to look through her picture books by herself or read these to her brother. This past year she has been so focused on (sensitive period) mastering reading and cursive writing. Now, she is focusing on learning to spell and write sentences.
  • Gross motor- my daughter spends lots of time trying to develop more physical skills such as climbing, balancing, using swings all by herself, skipping, using a hula-hoop, learning to swim, ride a bike, etc. It’s all a big deal at this age.
  • Particular interest in wanting to learn to braid/plat hair, learn to tie a bow and tie her shoelaces. They have a few materials in my daughters classroom (dressing frames) that help learn these skills which she says she has been practicing with, but my daughter also practices at home on her dolls hair or my hair and just by wearing shoes with laces. Learning these particular skills has been challenging.
  • Singing and dancing, music and art are some of my daughters favourite things to do. If you hear her singing, she is happy.

You can read last years An Interview with my 4 year old.


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