Art supply storage (re-purposing glass jars)

I love glass jars and re-purpose them at home to store anything from home-made items such as bath salts, toothpaste and deodorant to food storage in the cupboard, fridge and freezer, stationary items and children’s art supplies. I also use glass jars to store home-made food for gifts.

I have a decent sized collection of jars stored that I have collected over the years myself and from friends and family. I have friends who have been lucky enough to find large-size jars at thrift stores which are great for storing larger quantities of dried food or home-made children’s snacks.

Over the last couple of days, I have been making over my children’s art trolley which I feel, is just looking a bit messy and uninviting which in my mind just too much clutter! I like the idea of keeping it simple with a few favourite art supplies but also making them look as attractive as possible.

I have been using these small coloured metal buckets with handles, that came from an Easter gift which contained chocolates and the rest came from my children’s Grandmother which contained potted flowers. The metal buckets still look great in my opinion as they are nice and bright and colourful, but what I am finding is that they are taking up too much space in our art caddy. I will admit that the buckets are great as they are light and can easily be carried from inside to outside. I think for now, I will still use one of them for storing side-walk chalk outside and see how the glass jars go. You can see the buckets via my older post on my Children’s study, art and play space.

art- paste, modelling tools and painting storage.jpg
The little jar on the left was a jam jar and the glass jar in the middle was used to hold coffee. The glass jar on the right I have just used to show you that you can store liquid paints in small jars, but this one actually came as a set from Dragonfly Toys. I keep poster paints and liquid watercolours in these small jars and they look so pretty.
soy based crayon rocks
Soy-based crayon rocks that do look a lot like jellybeans.
cutting, drawing and colouring art storage
Child-sized scissors and ruler, Lyra pencils, sharpener and eraser.
biodegradable twine in glass jar
Twine, stored in this glass jar for ease of use. 

These art supplies are being stored in our Ikea Raskog art trolley (we purchased ours second-hand via ebay) which I love as it’s portable…can move around the house or rolled outside, is so easy to clean (it’s on wheels) and doesn’t gather dust. I don’t really set up Montessori type art trays at home anymore like I did when my children were younger. What I try to do, is to support their independence by having some simple art supplies that they have access to whenever they feel inspired that are child-sized and easy to use. Keeping the space simple also makes it so much easier to pack things away and avoids overwhelm.

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