Travelling with children Part 2: 7 days in Fiji

We are now back from our 7 day holiday trip to Fiji, with equal time on two different islands. It was a lovely, relaxing holiday that we could have easily stayed for much longer, but it is always nice coming home. My children had a wonderful time, not only a great adventure for them but also a wonderful cultural experience.

A flower gift for my daughter in Fiji
My daughter was given this flower to put behind her ear when we arrived at the first islands accomodation.
fiji accomodation flower displays.jpg
One of the many flower displays we saw during our stay.


looking at all the lovely fish in the clear water below
Clear water and plenty of colourful fish to look at.
beautiful clear water in Fiji
My son is sitting in the clear ocean water at the beach.
lots of play in the sand building sand castles
Plenty of time and space for play.


my 3 year old's nature collection whilst on holiday
My son’s nature table. Items he collected over three days.
shell necklace- a gift for each of us on arrival at an island
The hand-made shell necklaces we were given at arrival on the second island.
wearing her shell necklace.jpg
My daughter proudly wearing her shell necklace.
Fiji sweeping broom.jpg
My daughter having a go at using this traditional sweeping broom.


The flight there: We left on an early morning flight, but neither of my children napped, presumably because they were so excited to be on a plane. The toys they brought in their little back packs kept them entertained most of the flight, plus there was so much to see by just looking out the window. We did have my husbands computer with movies as an option and some colouring in books and pencils.

We filled up our own stainless steel water bottle for the flight and we had one of our LunchBots  stainless steel lunch boxes filled with snacks. Not considered a long flight, there was no meals provided on the plane, unless you wanted to purchase something, but there was free drinks on offer (coffee, juice, water etc). Neither of my children had any trouble with their ears and seemed to really enjoy the flight.

The first island: The first place we stayed looked more like a Fiji style one bedroom apartment with a kitchenette and laundry facilities, so I was able to wash our clothes before leaving and do some cooking during our stay. We were in a lovely spot surrounded by plants, flowers and coconut palm trees. Very picturesque. Lucky for us that we brought our own water bottle to re-fill as the water in Fiji needs to be boiled before drinking. Most people purchased plastic bottled water however it was easy enough to use the kettle provided in both places we stayed at to just do it ourselves.

Even though we went in Fiji Winter, it was still shorts and shirt weather, so nice and sunny during the day. We weren’t able to swim at the small beach due to the high-tide but could use the pools.  There was plenty of day and night entertainment during the stay; torch-lighting ceremony, plenty of music/singing by the locals. There was also a children’s play space and outdoor games we could use. My children wanted to just swim and play mostly with some of the other children.

Everyone was very friendly during our stay. We learn’t pretty quickly the word for hellobula‘ (boo-la) and thank youVinaka” (Vin-a-ka), both words being used frequently during our stay on both islands.

The second island: We travelled via boat to the second island and recieved a musical welcome and a shell necklace each on arrival. The accomodation we stayed in this time was a modern bure that had air conditioning, but we didn’t need to use it because the weather was so nice during the day and coolish at night.

modern bure huts.jpg

The flight back: We left late in the afternoon, and at some point during the flight both of my children had a sleep. My daughter became unwell on the last day heading home with a runny nose and bad cough. I was happy to put on a movie for her during the flight and she just had some quiet time. My son’s soft teddy that he asked to take on the plane became a great pillow for my children to rest their heads on and sleep. On this flight back, we were not allowed to take our own water bottle filled with water and were asked to empty it before getting on board. The two options for water on the plane was to purchase bottled water on the flight or at times throughout the flight, we were offered water or juice. I think some one came around and offered us a drink about three times which is pretty good considering. I was concerned about not having water on us because of my daughters cough. The flight went well though and we landed back home at night. Two very tired but very happy children come the end of the trip.

*Please note that this blog post contains a Biome affiliate link. 

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