Children’s relaxation ideas (flower petal bath)

Sometimes as a way to relax, my children use flower petals in the bath. It not only looks amazing but smells great too. We mostly use dried Rose petals, but this time I am adding dried Calendula petals. Lavender works well too! If I am having a flower bath, I will add Epsom salts and essential oils. You can add these to a children’s bath but have to be careful that the water is not ingested. In our case, my youngest still on occasion drinks bath water and as my children often share a bath, I don’t want to risk it at this point.

glass jar flower petal storage
Flower petals store well in glass jars.

flower petals for relaxation bath

Gift ideas? DIY bath salts with dried flower petals, Epsom salts, Himalayan rock salt and essential oils of rose, chamomile and sweet orange in a re-purposed glass jar.

Next I think I may use some of these dried rose petals to make rose flower water to be used as a toner and maybe use some of the Calendula flowers to make a healing cream.

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