Collaborative art work (collage)

Do your children like to work together? Mine sure do, especially when it comes to board games, pretend play, Lego and art! Last week whilst visiting family, we collected all sorts of lovely natural items with the intent to add them to our nature table space but in the end decided to do some collage work together. Simple art created with just paper, paint (liquid water colours and poster paint) and items such as leaves, sticks, rocks, stones, gumnuts and seed pods.

childrens collage 2Working together is great because it allows for practice in respecting each others space, creative work and the materials used. There was lots of sharing going on here especially when it came to using the paints.

childrens collage 3
Can you spot the upside down butterfly print? Made by my 5 year old with leaves and gum nuts.
childrens collage 1
Liquid water colours flicked off the pine cones to make a splatter effect…so pretty!
childrens collage 4
Once dried the paint splatters took on a different effect.

In a couple of days I will have a post on a little DIY project we did over the weekend with my children in our courtyard space.

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