A little outdoor play space turned (fairy/dinosaur garden)

Over the weekend, we turned a former wooden square sand pit frame into a raised garden space for creative play. We cut the wooden frame in half and just used the one side. The other half we may use to plant some herbs.

Since moving house about six months ago, my daughter has mentioned many times how she misses our raised garden bed at the old house which she used as a fairy garden. I thought it was time to set up a space in our new home that my children can use for whatever they like. My children love just playing in the dirt.

So here is the beginning of their outdoor creative play space;

outdoor creative play space 5
Lots of decision making going on! The one thing my daughter said she doesn’t want in this space is any plants. We tried to make another ‘fairy-like garden’ in a large pot not long ago, but in the end the flowers took over the whole space leaving little room for play. Maybe down the track she may want to plant something simple here.
outdoor creative play space 4
A fairy collecting food, surrounded by a glass bead river.
outdoor creative playspace 3
My son’s favourite item is this green frog. All of these little items are made from some kind of clay I think.
outdoor creative play space 6
Look at the bark, isn’t it amazing! It’s hard to see due to the lighting but there is a little white and blue unicorn sitting on the rock.

It will be wonderful to see how this space evolves over time.

Edited Dec 2017 

childrens fairy and animal play garden.jpg
Some terracotta pots, glass stones, cactus and succulents, some Australian birds and animal figurines including dinosaurs and insects and little occupation people for play. Nothing new, just items we already owned. We had to cover over some of the dirt as a neighbours cat kept using this as a littler box, so we put some pebble stones in it.

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