Bringing some of the outdoors in (indoor plants and some found treasures)

Initially inspired by my children’s Montessori classrooms over the years, displaying indoor plants and collected treasures really adds to the beauty of the home environment.

I don’t tend to display cut flowers in the house too often unless they are ones that we have been given as I prefer to leave what flowers we do have in the garden outside. I have also encouraged my children since they were little, to not pick flowers. I am ok with collecting flowers that have fallen on the ground. Instead, we have some plants around the home not just because they are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, some of them are also known to be air purifying.

plants in the kitchen
In the kitchen– some lavender and rosemary a friend gave me from her garden. I change what goes on this windowsill every so often.
scent pod and bamboo plant in my childrens bathroom
In the bathrooms– both of our bathrooms have a little windowsill that sits a bamboo plant (both we were gifted) and a scent pod which I will often put Eucalyptus essential oil in.
children's desk plants
On my daughter’s desk; an aloe plant, a small succulent and some jade plants. We used to have these plants in other places around the home but my daughter asked to keep them on her desk.
childrens desk space
We have two larger Aloe Vera plants, one on my daughter’s desk and one on my work desk.
cactus and succulent plants on a child-sized desk
On my son’s desk a small aloe plant and succulent.
favourite natural treasures
Nature table- Some bits n pieces collected over time; coral, rocks, stones and crystals, sea shells, a bird’s nest, some seed pods, sticks and a pine cone.
second hand tea cups as plant pots
I got these little ceramic cups from an op shop/thrift store and plan on turning them into succulent pots.

On Friday I will have a post on plant-based, nut-free children’s school lunches.

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