Early sewing work- sewing on material scraps

Yesterday my son (now 3.5 years) brought home some sewing work from his Montessori school. Sewing is something he really enjoys at this age and stage. The hand-work (sewing on hessian) was done at school and the button sewing on the right was done at home more recently.

The hessian square is approx 15×15 cm and the cotton fabric square is approx 11x 11 cm. Throughout the year parents can donate spare material (usually sheets) which are then used to make up classroom materials such as this sewing work.

First sewing- sewing on material scraps.jpgMy daughters first sewing at school you can see in the photos below.

Sewing on hessian or burlap
Sewing in a straight line. A thick black pen has been used as a guide, but you could use sewing chalk. All you need is a large-eye needle and some wool or acrylic wool for sewing.
sewing on material scraps
Sewing small items such as buttons is a little trickier and takes patience and practice. Cotton thread was used here.

Edited: September 1st 2017

sewing at 3.5 years.jpg
More sewing from yesterday.

I had a question on my Instagram account regarding what needles and thread was used for the above sewing. For the sewing on hessian a large eye needle (you can get blunt or sharp tip needles) and acrylic wool was used. For the button sewing a smaller needled and standard cotton thread (maybe it’s also called embroidery floss?) was used. My son needs help with threading of the needle and tieing a knot at the end.

Material we have used for sewing so far is mostly linen, hessian/burlap and cotton.

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