Supporting independence in the home- children’s wardrobe update

We (my children and I) did a bit of a tidy up of their wardrobe and mine over the last couple of days, now that our Australian Winter is over and Spring has arrived. Their space is now less cluttered and more workable which makes putting clothes away so much easier.

Children's Montessori style wardrobeThe larger baskets on the left currently contain leggings, shorts, underwear and socks. I managed to get both of these large baskets from an op shop/thrift store recently. The smaller baskets on the right contain a couple of pairs of pajamas each.

My children don’t keep toys in their bedroom. The only other items in this wardrobe on the higher shelf is a spare fold-up matress, spare bedding/blanket as well as a music/keepsake box and coin box. On the other side of the room aside from their beds is a small bookshelf containing their favourite books and a dolls crib (my dad made) with my daughters baby doll in it. Their room is rather calm and peaceful, not overwhelming at all. children's Montessori style wardrobe spaceWe are still using our wardrobe extender, which really has come in handy so both of my children can hang their clothes up in the same space. My eldest doesn’t need a step to reach her hanging clothes at this point, but early on I did leave a fold up step for her to use inside the wardrobe. The wooden coat hangers on the bottom rack are child-sized. I got these second-hand on ebay, but I believe they are the same ones from Ikea. The coat hangers used on the top shelf are those old-fashioned wooden coat hangers that are covered in material. We were given a whole bag of these as a family member wanted to get rid of them.

Childrens wooden coat hangers.jpg

Most of their clothing is second hand either hand-me-downs or purchased from an op shop/thrift store but my children do receive clothes mostly from their Grandparents for Birthdays or Christmas each year. As mentioned previously I use Project 333 as a guide to keep on top of my children’s clothes but also use this as a guide for my clothing wardrobe as well.

You can view my children previous wardrobe space at our last house. We didn’t have any built in shelves to use and no chest of drawers, so we used one of our book shelves to create temporary shelves.

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