Family time -making an ‘ideas jar’ of (FREE) things to do together

Last night my children and I sat down together and came up with some ideas for things we can do together over the school holidays (which started today for us in Australia) and for weekends when all four of us are together. As my daughter is very interested in practising writing and spelling, she wanted to write out our ideas on some coloured paper to be placed in one of our spare glass jars.

Things to do jar.jpgSo far, we have playground park play, play dates with friends, picnic and play tennis at a park. Ideally the jar will be made up of ideas that cost little to no money, we just ensure we always take food and our water bottles with us wherever we go. Family fun- free things to do ideas jar.jpgWhilst I am talking about jars, I will be posting about our ‘Happiness jar‘ next week which is another family project we have been working on.

Some other budget friendly ideas;

  • Connect with wildlife…get outside! Take along a set of binoculars, a magnifying glass, a compass, a clipboard, some paper and pens if you have them.
  • Go on a bush walk or hike or maybe just a nature walk during the day or at night (with a torch) around your neighbourhood.
  • Explore local parks or nature reserves
  • Go for a swim, if you have a communal pool near you
  • Watch a free movie screening at a park or have movie or games night at home
  • Spend time in the garden together, either yours or a communal, shared garden space
  • Visit family or friends or have them over for morning or afternoon tea. I like to bake with my children when we have guests over, when possible.
  • Go to a museum or Library together
  • Star gaze at night, this is great fun! Put on your pajamas and make up some hot chocolate to share.
  • Bake something together for yourselves or for someone else.
  • Create an outdoor obstacle course using items you already have at home…we did this a couple of weeks ago. We don’t have a backyard but we were able to use the shared communal grassed space near our townhouse.
  • Treasure hunt or nature scavenger hunt. My children create their own treasure hunt maps and usually just hide something they already own.
  • Fly a home-made kite
  • Camp in the backyard
  • Create a fairy or dinosaur garden using found nature treasures
  • Start a nature journal or nature table together
  • Flower pressing using flowers found on the ground (as opposed to picking them). You don’t have to own a flower press, just use a heavy book.
  • Play or listen to music by candlelight.
  • Home-made sushi or pizza making night
  • Make home-made ice cream ‘banana nice cream’ or ice-blocks using fresh fruit and coconut water.
  • Do nothing- well nothing organised. Simply stay at home together.

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