Montessori Dressing Frames

Recently we borrowed some Montessori-style dressing frames from a friend to practice with at home. At the moment my daughter is working on the bow-tying, lacing and safety pin frames. She finds the safety pin frame rather easy but is challenged by the bow-tying frame. My son has been working mostly with the large button frame and buckle frame. These frames are replicas, so they are not of higher quality like the ones found in a Montessori classroom. These still work well though and I think can be made at home if you have the time.

Lacing dressing frameBuckle dressing frameWhen my children both attended NIDO (Montessori Infant/Toddler 0-3 years with parents) a while back, I remember they had the large button frame, velcro frame, zipper frame and a plastic buckling frame available on the shelves for the children to work with. In their Children’s House classroom (for 3-6 years) they have some of those frames available in NIDO and the ones I have in the picture above as well as a snap frame, a small button frame and hook and eye frame.

Montessori Dressingframes3-6years.jpg

There are other ways that a child can practice skills like these without having to purchase or DIY;

  • Both of my children have practised working with small buttons and large buttons on their pajamas and zippers and/or buttons on their jackets and pants.
  • I set up an open and close tray when my children were younger so they could practice using zippers and snaps using what we already had lying around the house.
  • My daughter has a pair of shoes with a shoelace and one with a buckle (sandals) and my son has velcro laces on his shoes to practice on.
  • My children have a school bag each which is a zipper
  • I have a handbag and a purse at home that have either a velcro, zipper or a snap on them to open and close.

DIY Montessori dressing frames;


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