Simple Lock and Key work- revisiting an old favourite activity

Looking for a simple activity that’s easy to set up? Using a padlock and key is one of those activities that both of my children (aged 3 and 5 years) still enjoy. We just used padlocks and keys that we already had at home. The larger padlock is 37mm and the smaller padlock is 25mm.

LockandKeyMontessori.jpgThere are many way to make this work more challenging, today however I have separated the locks and keys which makes it a bit easier. One can also colour coordinate the locks and keys for younger children. For more of a challenge you could use lots of different sized padlocks or put a bunch of similar size padlocks on the same ring and all of the corresponding keys on the same ring which of course would take more time to work through.

Montessori lock and key activity at 3 years
lock and key work at 3 years.
Lock and key at 5 years
My 5 year old wanted to have another go at this work.

My children have also practised with a padlock and key on a suitcase and an old metal cash box I had which is now being used for at home ‘shopping play’.

Lock and key practice using and old cash box.
A photo of my son when he was a toddler playing with this lock/latch box. On the one side it has a lock and key. This toy is now being used by his cousin.

DIY lock and latch boards great for gift giving;

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