Simple nuts and bolts work

I recently set up this simple nuts and bolts work on my son’s Montessori-style work shelves. This type of activity can easily be used by toddlers to preschool aged children, you just need to be mindful of the small parts.

According to my daughter, she has a version of this work in her Montessori Children’s House classroom (for 3-6 years) whereas my son doesn’t. This simple work is great for fine motor skills practice and it’s fun to do.

nut and bolt activity
Lots of concentration going on.
Nut and bolt work
Sorting largest to smallest.
Using what we already had in our garage, I used a M6 x 35mm, M6 x 20mm and a M5 x 16mm nuts and bolts set. Really you can add as many variations as you like.
This is a DIY version of the Montessori style nuts and bolts work similar to what they use in a Montessori Children’s House classroom which is often graded largest to smallest. You could also add washers and word labels for extension work.


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