Independence in the home- kitchen space

Yesterday afternoon my children and I cleaned and re-arranged their kitchen space. Out of all their spaces, aside from their water drinking station, this one gets the most use. This is where we keep their most used snack prep and table setting items.

Practical Life kitchen space.jpgThis trolley was initially purchased to provide us with some bench space at our old house and then over time became my children’s kitchen work space. One doesn’t need to have a set up like this, you could use a spare kitchen cupboard or shelf if you have the space or a shelf/space in the main fridge for holding drinks or a small snack.

I am considering unplugging the bar fridge mostly to save energy costs. A couple of months ago we did a fridge swap with someone else and managed to get a much larger fridge (previously we had a very small fridge) and were using the bar fridge to hold excess food and drinks and some of my children’s snack items.

In the little basket on top of the fridge contains wooden magnetic alphabet letters that my son plays with and some chalk to be used on the black board sheet you can see on the side of the fridge. I did this same thing for my daughter when she was younger and became interested in letters and numbers.

kitchentrolleydrawersMy children’s sharper kitchen knives are kept in a drawer in the kitchen which is just opposite this set up. We keep one full set of cutlery for each of my children in the right-hand drawer. You can’t see it properly in the photo, but in the left drawer there are some small spreaders, which I will have to say, aside from chopping, spreading is the second most popular work. In the little glass jars on the bench top currently holds two types of nut butter for spreading on anything from a biscuit to a sandwich.

ChildrenskitchentrolleyspaceSnacks kept on this shelf are usually nuts and seeds or some kind of home-made zero waste snack (popcorn, muesli bars, crackers etc). We also have out a few pieces of fresh fruit at a time usually apples and bananas.  Only recently I put cereal (two types) in small containers behind their snacks.

On their kitchen trolley we store the smaller coloured child-sized plates and snack plates that you can see in this picture. You can get these plates and small bowl as a set from Ikea otherwise I have see in OP shops/thrift stores lots of little sized plates and bowls.

Waterdrinkingstation.jpgThis little water drinking station is set up where a microwave is supposedly meant to be kept. As we don’t own/use a microwave, I thought this was the perfect spot to set this water drinking station up as it’s at the right height and plenty of room to store what my children need. We were gifted the water dispenser which is made from glass (we keep a charcoal stick in it to keep the water clean), and the coloured tray. The little ceramic cups are coffee espresso size and my children each chose their own colour which helps to keep track of their own cups. The small ceramic milk jug is used when collecting milk from the fridge for cereal and the glass water jug is used if my children want to have extra water when they are sitting down at the table to eat a meal.

rubbish and recycling at home space
Main rubbish bin and compost bucket.

Updated 5th November 2017. We are no longer using the small bar fridge as it has been unplugged and put away. I didn’t think it was necessary to use it now that we have a larger fridge. I have made a space in our main fridge for my children to use.


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