Gardening with children- sprouting seeds and re-growing plants from kitchen scraps

Yesterday my son and I had some quiet time in the afternoon which we spent doing a little gardening. Firstly we set up our sprouter which has two growing trays and placed a combination of kale and cabbage sprout seeds in the bottom tray and alfalfa on the top tray. We have sprouted all sorts of seeds before including broccoli, mustard, mung, cress and wheatgrass but this is the first time sprouting with kale and cabbage seeds. This is one of those rather simple, fun ways to get children involved in the process of growing and eating their own healthy food. pouringseedsintoasprouterI have owned this sprouter for about six years now and also used a mason jar with a specific sprouting lid for approx two years which a friend gave me. If we are growing wheatgrass or pea sprouts we will often use either a flat tray or the mason jar with sprouting lid. There are many ways though to sprout without using either of these options.

Here my son is spreading out the seeds in the trays.
These sprouts need to be watered a couple of times each day. Each tray has a drainage hole which the water runs through from the very top tray to the bottom green tray below.

Another bit of gardening my son did yesterday afternoon was to help put some of our cactus and succulents into a terracotta pot. The soil we are using here is specific for cactus and succulents.

So far we have two succulents, one from a cutting and one cactus. A lovely friend of ours has offered to give us a few more.


A little over a week ago, my children and I tried our hand at re-growing plants from kitchen scraps. So far there has been growth on the lettuce, leek, carrot and celery. The plan is to put these into some soil soon and see what happens. Either way, my children have really enjoyed watching the growth so far.

There are some other vegetables, fruit and herbs we would like to try this for as well such as pineapple, garlic, ginger, lemon grass and fennel. We have put some basil cuttings into a glass of water before and it has grown roots and then we were able to plant it in soil. windowsillgardengrowingplantsfromkitchenscraps

DIY Sprouting Links;

  1. DIY sprouting seeds in a glass jar.
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