Independence in the home- cleaning station

Here’s another look at some of the spaces we have set up in our home to support our children’s independence. I made a couple of changes to this ‘cleaning station‘ recently to make the space a bit more practical. Prior to, the red enamel bucket and the grey enamel tin with the stainless steel spray bottle and scrubber where in the cupboard opposite this space, which I thought at the time looked tidier. I noticed even though these items were in reach, being behind a closed cupboard, they were often forgotten about. Having them in eyes view, they are getting  a lot more use. What we do keep in the cupboards though for my children to use is some wooden pegs in a small enamel tin for hanging clothes on the line and a small basket of cleaning cloths.

This cleaning station is set up on the floor in the laundry room which is right off the kitchen and living space. You can’t see it in this photo, but I keep my mop and broom in this space as well. Makes sense to keep them together. I make all my own natural cleaning products, so there is nothing dangerous stored in this room.

Montessorichildrenscleaningstation.jpgA bit hard to see but next to the small sized red dustpan is my larger blue enamel dustpan and wooden brush. Sometimes my eldest prefers to use this one. I keep a bit of water in the stainless steel spray bottle which is mostly used for spot cleaning or for spray misting our cactus and succulent plants.

If I were to choose two items that are the most used in our home at this age and stage, I would say the dustpan and brush and the spray bottle with scrubber or with a cleaning cloth. My children seem to have the most fun using these. When my children were of toddler age they both loved to use a spray bottle with window squeegee and the broom the most.


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